Rules, Regulations & Procedures

What Homeowners Need to Know

As a community of 107 homeowners, we are governed by the Master Association's Declarations and By-laws. These Rules allow all homeowners and their guests to use the common property of the Master Association in a safe, fair and communal way, with the goal of achieving a place to live that is congenial to all that choose to live within the Wentworth By The Sea Community.

The following are Rules, Regulations and Procedures that apply to all homeowners within the WBTS community.      

Architectural Regulations

Each WBTS neighborhood has its own architectural and landscaping guidelines for making changes to existing structures and grounds surrounding them. Please refer to the Declarations and By-laws of your neighborhood association before making any such changes.  

Waterfront Access Easements - Rules and Regulations (July 24, 2021)


Winter Rules, Regulations & Reminders

The following are some commonly asked questions regarding snow removal at Wentworth By The Sea.

Yes.  Rye Beach Landscaping (hereinafter called Rye Beach) has been our vendor since 1999.  Rye Beach plows and sands Master Association areas (all roads, emergency access roads, Yellow House parking and sidewalks), and is paid by the Master Association for this.  Rye Beach also plows driveways and walkways for individual homes.  Individual Neighborhood Associations set snow removal criteria, contract, administer and pay Rye Beach for driveway and walkway work.

The objective is to allow travel for the majority of residents within all neighborhoods as fast as possible.  Roads are first priority, driveway plowing second, and handwork (driveways, walkways and garage door aprons) third.  Each neighborhood area gets done first on a rotating basis.  For unusual storms (greater than 12” accumulation or snowfall rates greater than 1” per hour), performance criteria listed below may need to be adjusted upward.

  • Roads: Plowing typically will start after at least 1" of snow and will continue during the course of a storm with no more than a 3" buildup between visits.  Cleanup plowing commences within 1 ½ hours following the storm. Please do not park in streets or at the Yellow House during or immediately after snow events.
  • Driveways: Plowing takes place for amounts greater than 2" at the end of the storm (for storms under 6") with target completion within 6 hours.  For storms with greater than 6” accumulation, interim visits will be made with no more than 6” buildup allowed.  Cleanup (for storms > 6") will commence after end of storm and be completed within 12 hours.  Generally, snow is piled in individual yards with reasonable care to avoid plantings as much as possible.  Residents are asked to keep vehicles from blocking snow removal operations without notice from the vendor. Return trips caused by vehicle blockages may result in additional charges.
  • Walkways & Aprons: Handwork is normally done after all driveways (in all Neighborhoods) are done, but within the completion times listed above.  For unusual storms, changes in performance criteria may be necessary.  Priority is given to clearing of roads, driveways, and some common-type facilities such as sewer stations and hydrants.

Salt and/or sand is applied to all Master Association areas at the discretion of Rye Beach and/or the Master Association to facilitate safe travel. All excess sand (when applicable) is removed from same areas during our spring cleanup.  Salt/sanding of neighborhood common driveways is done solely at the request of an individual association's Board of Directors and at additional expense to that association.  Salt/sanding of individual homes' driveways is available upon request to Rye Beach at the homeowner's expense.

The Master Association Board of Directors request that homeowner comments or concerns regarding any Master Association common area maintenance issues (including snow removal) be directed to our Property Manager (Gary Rumph) at 433-5000, instead of directly to our subcontractors.  This will allow an effective working relationship with our subcontractors, and will allow us to stay on top of issues as they occur, which in turn helps our responsiveness. Comments or concerns for individual driveways and walkways should be directed to the Board of Directors of your neighborhood association.  

Gary Rumph
Property Manager